Changes in the Editorial Board (May 2017)

Geochemical Perspectives Letters was launched in 2015 thanks to the energy and efforts of 6 founding editors who believed in and supported the creation of a new society owned journal, aiming to publish high quality science, at NO page charges, freely accessible to all, and without the involvement of any for profit publishing house. Rod Ewing (Stanford University) was part of this initial team and as he now moves on, we warmly thank him for his dedication, time and support.

The board is very grateful and excited to welcome two new prestigious scientists, Ariel Anbar (Arizona State University) and Simon Redfern (University of Cambridge).

Ariel Anbar is a biogeochemist and isotope geochemist with broad interests in the past, present, and future of Earth as an inhabited world, and the prospects for life beyond. His research centers on the development and application of novel analytical techniques, particularly using mass spectrometry, to learn about metal biogeochemical cycles on the ancient Earth, environmental changes that perturbed these cycles, and biological activity in the distant past.

Simon Redfern is a mineral scientist working on a wide range of projects that share a central theme of the links between atomic scale structure and the chemical and physical properties of Earth materials, often at extreme pressure and temperature. He uses computational, spectroscopy and diffraction techniques in lab, synchrotron and neutron facilities to reveal structural controls on trace element incorporation into biomaterials, mineral-aqueous fluid interactions at high pressure and temperature, and mineral behaviour in processes relevant to deep planetary interiors.

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