Editorial Board

  • Ariel Anbar
    Arizona State University, USA
    Precambrian biogeochemistry,
    geobiology, astrobiology,
    isotope geochemistry,
    Earth surface evolution
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  • Liane G. Benning
    German Research Center for
    Geosciences GFZ, Germany
    University of Leeds, UK
    Biogeochemical element cycles,
    Earth surface processes,
    environmental mineralogy,
    geobiology and extremophiles,
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  • Karim Benzerara
    University Pierre et Marie Curie
    CNRS, France
    Biomineralogy, biogeochemistry,
    traces of life, geomicrobiology,
    Earth surface processes
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  • Cin-Ty Lee
    Rice University, USA
    Igneous and metamorphic petrology,
    volcanology, high-temperature
    geochemistry, isotope geochemistry
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  • Ambre Luguet
    University of Bonn, Germany
    Igneous processes, mantle geochemistry,
    radiogenic isotope systems,
    nano/micro mineralogy,
    (highly) siderophile elements
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  • Wendy Mao
    Stanford University, USA
    Evolution of planetary interiors,
    mantle and core composition and
    structure, mineral physics
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  • Horst Marschall
    University of Frankfurt, Germany
    Petrology, geochronology,
    subduction processes, diffusion,
    high-temperature geochemistry
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  • Satish Myneni
    Princeton University, USA
    Aqueous geochemistry, interfacial
    processes/surface chemistry,
    Earth surface processes,
    environmental mineralogy,
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  • Eric H. Oelkers
    University College London, UK
    CNRS Toulouse, France
    @ucl or @cnrs
    Water-rock interaction,
    carbon capture and storage,
    reactive transport, mineral
    thermodynamics and reaction
    rates, aqueous geochemistry
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  • Sophie Opfergelt
    Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
    Earth’s critical zone, chemical
    weathering, mineral nutrient
    cycling, tracing continental
    mineral element export,
    soil-plant-water systems
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  • Simon Redfern
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Mineral physics, biomineralogy,
    deep Earth, planetary interiors,
    extreme conditions
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  • Helen Williams
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Isotope geochemistry, analytical
    methods, deep Earth, mantle
    petrology and geochemistry,
    planetary evolution and cosmochemistry
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