Changes in the GPL Board

Geochemical Perspectives Letters was launched in 2015 thanks to the energy and dedication of 6 founding editors who believed in and supported the creation of a new society-owned journal, aiming to publish high quality science, at no page charges, freely accessible to all, and without the involvement of any for-profit publishing house. Graham Pearson (University of Alberta) was part of this initial team and as he now moves on, we warmly thank him for his dedication, time and support.

The board is very grateful and excited to welcome two new prestigious scientists, Ambre Luguet (University of Bonn) and Sophie Opfergelt (Université catholique de Louvain).

Ambre Luguet: Ambre is a mantle geochemist whose research interests focus on the accretion and differentiation of Earth, the petrological and chemical evolution of the terrestrial mantle and origin of chemical/isotopic heterogeneities of the Earth’s mantle.

Sophie Opfergelt: The motivation of Sophie's research is the understanding of the Earth’s surface processes controlling chemical weathering and element export from continent to the hydrosphere, and of changes in weathering dynamics in response to external factors such as climate change.

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