Changes in the Editorial Board (March 2018)

Geochemical Perspectives Letters was launched in 2015 thanks to the energy and efforts of 6 founding editors who believed in and supported the creation of a new society owned journal, aiming to publish high quality science, at no page charges, freely accessible to all, and without the involvement of any for profit publishing house. Susan Stipp and Bruce Watson were part of this initial team and as they now move on, we warmly thank them for their dedication, time and support.

The board is very grateful and excited to welcome four new prestigious scientists, Karim Benzerara (University Pierre et Marie Curie and CNRS), Cin-Ty Lee (Rice University), Horst Marschall (University of Frankfurt) and Satish Myneni (Princeton University).

Karim Benzerara is a biogeochemist who studies the interactions between microorganisms and rocks, such as the formation (biomineralisation) or alteration of minerals.

Cin-Ty Lee is a geochemist and geologist whose interests are in petrology, high temperature geochemistry, isotope and trace element geochemistry, chemical weathering, economic geology, planetary sciences, and climate.

Horst Marschall is a petrologist and geochemist who works on crust-mantle interaction processes in subduction zones and on high-grade metamorphic and intra-crustal differentiation processes. He combines field work with the investigation of the chemical and isotopic composition of rocks and minerals to reconstruct geologic processes including the timescales on which they operate.

Satish Myneni is a low temperature biogeochemist and studies the behavior of nutrients, contaminants, and natural organic molecules in aquatic systems and at mineral-water interfaces using various molecular probes (e.g. spectroscopy, molecular geochemistry).

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